Product specs for KineticSystems Corp. V645

KineticSystems Corp. V645

Product Description:

KineticSystems Corp. V645 8-Channel Timing Pulse Generator

No. of channels: 8ch
Frequency: 25MHz
Pulse Width: 20ns


Eight independent outputs

Self-contained crystal clock

Provision for external clock

Options for high-true or low-true output pulses

Interrupt source bits associated with each output channel

8-bit interrupt mask register

Clock rates from 1 Hz to 1 MHz in decade steps

Ability to cycle through any number of channels from one to eight

Typical Applications Test cells Nuclear accelerator control and monitoring General-purpose time sequence generation Clock Selection : 1,Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz,1kHz
Stability : 0.01%
Max Set Point Value: 65,535
O/P Connector Type Single-Pin LEMO recep
Self-contained crystal clock
Clock rates from 1 Hz to 1 MHz in decade

KineticSystems Corp. V645
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