Product specs for Anritsu MS2830A-044

Anritsu MS2830A-044

Product Description:

Anritsu MS2830A-044 26.5GHz Signal Analyzer . Supplied with 1 year warranty coverage.

The Anritsu MS2830A-044 network analyzer is an instrument which measures the complex transmission and reflection characteristics of two-port devices in the frequency domain. It does this by sampling the incident signal, separating the transmitted and reflected waves, and then performing ratios that are directly related to the reflection and transmission coefficients of the two-port. Frequency is swept to rapidly obtain amplitude and phase information over a band of frequencies of interest.

Anritsu MS2830A-044 network analyzers utilize synthesized-frequency sources to provide a known test stimulus that can sweep across a range of frequencies or power levels. Anritsu MS2830A-044 network analyzers also can perform ratioed measurements (including phase), which require multiple receivers. The Anritsu MS2830A-044 can provide a wealth of knowledge about a device under test (DUT), including its magnitude, phase, and group-delay response.

Speed, RF Performance, and Price - with the MS2830A you can have it all! The MS2830A is an RF Spectrum Analyzer with frequency options up to 43 GHz. Add Signal Analyzer option to create an instrument with fast measurement speeds and superior RF performance. Add the optional Signal Generator to create a one-box tester for manufacturing, integration, and product test.
•Industry-leading masurement speed - Ideal for production lines
•High-end RF performance at low-end price with up to 125 MHz analysis bandwidth
•Waveform Capture and Replay function
•Vector Signal Generation and IQproducer waveform generation options
•Measurement software packages including WLAN, LTE, CDMA2K, WCDMA plus generic analog and vector modulation analysis
•Added security with removable hard drive

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Anritsu MS2830A-044
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