Product specs for Keysight Technologies Inc. 86118A

Keysight Technologies Inc. 86118A

Product Description:

Keysight Technologies Inc. 86118A 70 GHz dual electrical module with remote sampling head (2 m cable)

Two 70 GHz electrical channels with 1.85 mm (f) connectors on two remote sampling heads

  • Characteristic rms noise: 0.4 mV (30 GHz BW), 1.3 mV (70 GHz BW)
  • Maximum input signal: 2 Vdc
  • Cable length: 2 m (each head)
  • Electrical Inputs: 1.85 mm female. Must select m or f connector savers (see options)


  • 86100A/B Infiniium DCA Mainframes
  • 86100C Infiniium DCA-J Mainframe
  • 86100D Infiniium DCA-X Mainframe

With over 70 GHz of electrical bandwidth, the 86118A provides one of the fastest channel performance available today. A well behaved frequency response minimizes attenuation of the signal spectrum and maintains fast edge speeds. The 86118A is a unique module for the 86100 Infiniium digital communications analyzer because the sampling electronics are located in a small, lightweight housing that can be placed up to 2 meters away from the mainframe to minimize loss through cabling.

In order to measure differential signals option 86118A-H01 is highly recommended. It provides less than 65 ps skew between the two channels and alignment capability within 150 ps.

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